I am an educator with a keen insight into the needs of all stakeholders in education institutions. We have many stories about what works and what does not. Research is endless, programs are endless. However, from my observations in education there are certain things missing that need to be focused on because they are paramount to growing productive citizens. These are:

1. Communication Skills 2. Organization Skills 3. Money Management/systems 4. Cultural knowledge (of self and global knowledge) 5. Mental disciple in the form of critical thinking and ability to focus

I have a serious mission to change the way we conceptualize the education of youth and of educators worldwide. In order to do this we discuss and analyze alternate education  models, highlight programs that work while infusing ideas of counseling and psychology, art, culture, etc. In short we emphasize life skills and how essential it is for schools, organizations to infuse the knowledge of each of these in order to build productive citizens not only in the workplace, but also successful people in life.


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