I am a social educator. I hear the term social entrepreneur all the time and wondered, couldn’t I be a social educator with a vision for a greater world through educational systems that bring harmony, bring out the best in people and communities, change lives and that develops thinkers and doers?

As an educator I love teaching and learning, but know that the education system, organizations, etc face unique challenges in more than academics and data-driven philosophy  but also with youth battling behavioral issues, family problems, addictions, etc. Finding a solution to this isn’t easy but I would like to use this page and its articles, as a point of conversation from teachers, students, parents, school leaders, to discuss solutions and implement plans for change.  How can we make decisions that move our youth toward a brighter future? How do we as leaders in our schools mimic acceptable models of human growth and development? What tough decisions must we all make to improve the culture and interaction within our schools. I want us to dig deeper than academics, because I believe that is the easy part, the hard part is doing the intervention work and treatment plan for the individual growth and maturity it requires to consistently evolve.



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